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1. The student reporting for accommodation is obliged to submit: 
  •  a completed questionnaire with a confirmation that they have read the Regulations (specimen of which is attached as Annex No. 5 and 6 to the Regulations, respectively), 
  •  a passport or other document proving identity, 
  • a valid document entitling to stay in the Republic of Poland (e.g. visa, temporary residence card), 
  • deposit paymentconfirmation in case a lack of payment, the person will not be accommodated, 
  • an ID photo for the ASD to create a resident card, 
  • a completed declaration of financial responsibility (attached as Appendix No. 3 to the Regulations) and a declaration of fire safety responsibilities of SD residents (attached as Appendix No. 4 to the Regulations)

2. The SD resident receives a resident card.  

3. The SD resident receives a resident card

4. The SD resident is obliged to register for temporary residence at the Poznan City Hall in accordance with the applicable regulations.  

5. Upon check-in, the SD resident is obliged to inspect the equipment of the room/unit, fill in the equipment and technical condition record sheet for the room and common unit areas (attached as Appendix No. 7 to the Regulations), confirm that they know the technical condition and return it to the ASD within 5 days of accommodation.  

6. SD places are allocated for specific periods. A place is granted for the period set out in Art. 3 sec. 3 of the Regulations, and the ASD reserves the right to change the room and its standard in the following year (except for students referred to in Art 3 sec.  

7. Who receive an allocation for the duration of their studies).