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Check - out


1. If a student checks out before the end of the academic year, they must notify this fact in writing 14 days before the check-out date (except in case of emergency).  

2. A person moving out of the SD is obliged to settle all room-related obligations based on the clearance form (attached as Appendix No. 8 to the Regulations) issued by the ASD, i.e. all obligations to PULS connected with residence in the SD, in particular, the payment for accommodation.  

3. Checking out is understood as leaving the allocated place in the SD on the agreed date, after making all payments (including possible costs of repairing damage caused by the resident), thoroughly cleaning the room and the common areas of the unit/room, accounting for the equipment in the room, accounting for the bedding taken from the storeroom and handing over the resident card and keys to the ASD. The person who moves out last returns the keys.


Clearance form.